Clarion®Green BIO are a series of readily biodegradable anti-wear hydraulic fluids formulated with premium high oleic natural esters derived from renewable resources and zinc free ashless additives to provide protection for demanding hydraulic systems, especially those operating in environmentally sensitive areas. Clarion Green BIO hydraulic fluids are zinc free. Zinc compounds are regulated as priority pollutants under provisions of the Clean Water Act and SARA Title 313.

Clarion®Green BIO Hydraulic Fluids 32 - 5 Gallon pail

SKU: 633580009004
  • Clarion Green A/W Oil is aromatic-free, inherently biodegradable and will pass the U.S. Coast Guard static sheen test requirements. This product is non-toxic to aquatic life, exceeding U.S. EPA LC50 test requirements for mysidopsis-bahia shrimp, rainbow trout and fathead minnows. This product is formulated with a state-of-the-art, ashless additive package that provides maximum wear protection for pump components, ensures optimum rust and corrosion protection, hydrolytic stability and longer service life. This product is easily recycled.